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UPSL Announces Post-Season Regional Cups For New And Existing Member Clubs

Participating Clubs To Play For Post-Season Cash Prizes And National Exposure!
Published May 13, 2021

May 13, 2021 – Los Angeles, CA – The United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) is proud to announce its new post-season July Regional Cups.

The UPSL July Regional Cups are tournaments designed to give some of the league's best teams the opportunity to compete against competition from outside their respective divisions.

Premier Division teams will qualify for an invitation to the Regional Cups based upon their regular season standings. Those top teams that do not advance to the national bracket will earn an invite to the Regional Cups. Teams seeking league membership will also be eligible. UPSL Premier Division champions competing in the National Playoffs will not be participating.

The UPSL Regional Cups will be played over consecutive weekends from July 10 to July 31.

UPSL Commissioner Yan Skwara said, "The UPSL Regional Cups give teams and players the opportunity to see competition beyond their division, go after a trophy and a cash prize, and do it in a way that will bring them additional exposure. We are excited to add the UPSL Regional Cups as part of our year-round schedule of competition."

The regions will be organized to incorporate the best grouping of divisions in order to create a format that will keep travel time reasonable.

The inaugural UPSL Regional Cup matchups are as follows:

  • UPSL Georgia vs. UPSL Expedition
  • UPSL Western NY vs. UPSL Patriot
  • UPSL Beltway vs. UPSL Mid-Atlantic
  • UPSL Wild West North vs. UPSL Wild West South
  • UPSL SoCal North vs. UPSL SoCal South
  • UPSL Midwest South vs. West vs. Central
  • UPSL Midwest East vs. Ohio and Chicago (new)
  • UPSL Pacific Northwest (new)*

In addition, the UPSL American Division will host its own Cup.

*A Regional Cup also will be hosted in Washington State and will feature the new UPSL member clubs as well as other prominent clubs from the Pacific Northwest.

The exact format of 'The Regional Cups' will likely evolve over time, however the inaugural competitions will follow this general format:

  • Each Regional Cup will feature eight teams
  • Each team plays two games, one home and one away
  • The eight teams will form a league table with two subdivisions
  • The top teams from each division advance to the final
  • Regional Cup champions win $2000 prize.

UPSL Regional Cup entry fee is $325.